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Q:  What can we expect from our session?

A:   I’ll do whatever I can to get that perfect picture for you!  I LOVE to laugh and have a great time on our session. You can ask anyone that I’ve photographed.  I bring our the silly in you, and if I don't ill make you laugh somehow. We’ll take breaks and sit around and joke.  We’ll make memories..  We will become friends before you know it. 


Q: How long until I will be able to see my pictures and or video ?! 

A: For portraits it will take 3 WEEKS  before your memory drives or proofs will be available. I do try to post some “sneak peeks” for you to view, cause I know you’re anxious! BUT THE BEST THINGS ARE WORTH THE WAIT. 


Q :Do you have backup equipment?

A: Absolutely. I always bring more gear than I need, just in case something needs to be replaced on the fly. I always have backup cameras and additional lighting on hand.

Q: Do you shoot natural light or use a flash?

A: Depending on the conditions and desired end result, I use either. Reading the natural light gives dreamy results, but sometimes nature needs a little extra hand. For indoor receptions, night portraits, and heavily overcast days, flash are essential.

Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: Yes , usually it's 50% down, of your package, but don't worry I'm a cool woman, and I understand sometimes things down work like that. So we do have payment plans, just ask me about them.

Q: Do you have payment plans? If so how do they work?

A:  Yes we do, my payment plans are mainly to help you out. Usually (but not always) we do something like this.... you will have 3 months to pay off your deposit or something like that.  We do have late fees if you do not communicate with me before payment date. But other than that we are flexible and will work with you, its all about communication .

Q: How far in advance do I need to book with you?

A: As far out in advance you can, I am a first come first serve photographer.

Q: Have you ever worked with florist? DJ? Coordinator, etc.?

A: YES , I love working with all vendors, its like e make a better day for you if we become a team . 

Q: Do you shoot RAW?

A: YES, its the best. 

Q: Why did you stop shooting weddings?

A: Honestly we have dont so many weddings, and i really do love doing them. BUT as a mother of 6 its just really time consuming, and sometimes stressing. 

*Q: What is your refund/cancellation policy?

*A: We do have a non-refundable deposit on all bookings, including the video, photo, and or photo booth! its not that we want to keep your money, I am willing to reschedule if my day is open. But we did keep that date open just for you and turned away other opportunities and clients. its plainly for compensation for the loss of potential clients and work.

*Q: Why does Victor always look so serious ? 

*A:  He literally is not that serious and I promise its his "normal every day all day " face !  :) he's a joker like the rest of us trust me.


If you have any other questions please feel free to email me or call or even text :)  

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