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Ok who did this ?

Who did this? Which one of you ordered all this snow and cold air? Well thank you :) personally I love snow ! it really puts me in a

great mood.

So great news everyone Ashley Creates is soon to be opening an office. Finally a place to meet with peace and quiet. No more grinding of coffee machines.... YAY ! plus we can do private sessions by appointment only.

I want to again thank everyone for a great year. This past year of 2018 we had covered 72 weddings. NO JOKE! and all of them were awesome and satisfying, all except one !! Only because I am a honest person I'll tell you like it is. But with that being said I've learned that some people you can never please .

We this year will have new upgraded products !!! just wit you'll see.

Our photo booth upgrade has been a complete success.

2019 is going to be our year ! I promise we are going to be more than ever better !

We of course have a few new adds so take a look and special thanks to my brides and grooms that gave us release rights to use their pictures .

I also would like some feedback everyone, what is that you like about our company/us?

Have a great night and please be careful while out and about.

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