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Photography Poses: Tips and Advice for Beautiful Pictures from the photographer, with Mom‘s mindset.

Do you want to get your pictures ? Then let me give you some tips on how to help make this happen With your photography poses.

Because as a photographer, I have no professional pictures of myself
Bathroom selfie

' -My name is Ashley, I am a 33 year young mother of 6 amazing children. Photography is my passion. I am creative and realistic about my visions. My creativity drives me to be the person I am today.

Yes I seriously put a bathroom selfie as my picture to introduce myself because that’s how.yes I seriously put a bathroom selfie as my picture to introduce myself because that’s how realistic I am about life. I will literally be the most upfront honest about everything I can because at this point, it’s just something that I feel everybody can use.

One thing I say, is that being as a photographer it is so easy when you’re the one taking the pictures. But as a mother, it is not easy getting my pictures taken and having them look natural. So with lots of practice let me give you my tips from both views, the mother’s and the photographers.

- '

Tip #1 - Let’s get messy

YES, I said it. don’t be scared to get messy. Everything in life is beautiful if you look at it I had a different view. it is not necessary to have everything perfect. everything in life can change in a minute or even a second so just go with the flow. That means even if your child is screaming or crying , if you’re not matching colors, or if you’re looking off into the distance. The real beauty is from real moments :)

No matching T-shirts here in the picture is still beautiful
family colors


Some eyes are closed but they’re still having fun
Quince Funtime

Beauty comes from all sides
Quince looking away


Tip #2 - Keeping it real

As stated up above, you want to keep everything natural. So that means be yourself. Don’t be someone you’re not ( but don’t be scared to try new things as long as your comfortable) I’ll be honest, that can make the photographer pose you where you are not comfortable. Because it is not the natural you, the photographer can only guess what you’re comfortable with, by how you act, so if you are not acting yourself and keeping it real, then they would never know. which potentially can turn out to be some very awkward pictures that will not look good. The best pictures come out when you are yourself. There’s just a magical appeal to photos when you are comfortable.

No pose was needed. This was cut off guard and came out so beautiful.
Natural as can be


Just speaking the truth
Quotes are in

Tip #3 - Make it personal

Make it personal. These are your memories that are being captured. So make sure you bring in your own personal style. Nobody likes the copycat. ;)

Using their home as a backdrop, makes it personal
Christmas smile

This is as personal as it gets
Wedding pictures

Tip #4 - Mix it up

I cannot talk for other photographers, but I can say for myself from my point of view I love mixing up styles. as a mothers view with six kids, mixing it up is what I do professionally without even trying... what I mean by mixing it up is, I will bring extra clothes, easy stuff I could take off and put on put my hair down take it and tie it up. I will switch jackets with the kids and So on . I will also take a family session and turn it into a couple session for two seconds. Can’t be scared to make things up out of nowhere and mix it up. Creativity is contagious.

Mixing up styles, including the shoes
Family Portrait

Originally, this was a family shoot, but we always had to make time for the cute couple
Couple shoot


Tip #5 - Don’t be scared.

A great photographer will always listen to their clients. So don’t be scared to bring up any ideas or inspiration photos don’t be scared to ask them if you look OK and, don’t be scared to ask them what to do. Myself as a photographer. I do so many poses so many sessions that sometimes things just come in a regular cycle for me the same thing over and over. I love hearing what my clients have to say and what they’re looking for and any ideas that they have. It takes two to make a team and maybe even more. A great team will make great pictures.

Also, don’t be scared to go out of your comfort zone. Confidence is a key that can open many doors..

Speaking for myself, I am not scared to go the extra mile to get that special shot

I literally went into the water to get the picture I needed to
I’m not scared

In the freezing cold, she pulled this off
' Dance In the cold

Last-minute props that came to use
Elopement with some props

I hope in the end this helps you feel better and more confident about yo ur next photo session. side note- Yes, some of these photos still say Ashley creates that was our name before we changed it to Moreno moments ,

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