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Well we meet again ....

Hi guys, how are you all ? I hope you all are healthy and safe . I know this last year or so has been rough, but listen the best is yet to come !


Yup, I said it. we are back in business with a few changes but we are back.

What has changed ?

WELL .......

  • First of, the photo booth is back in order and on high demand now that we are somewhat getting back to normal. So please book as soon as you know you want one . Its getting crazy out here lol.

ALSOOOOO we have made things even cleaner than before ! extra sanitizing here and there . Lysol everywhere !! and bleach we use it all. We are doing it for you guys , so you can have the same fun !

But for real its better to be safe you know.

  • Second

as for photography itself we no longer do full day events. THAT MEANS NO MORE WEDDINGS, ( we will do very limited thing s please reach out if you have any questions) we are just smashed with timing. SORRY.

BUT...... WE ARE STILL DOING EVERYTHING ELSE ! and with covid deals. so please feel free to reach out .

that means ..

  • Family sessions

  • Senior Pictures

  • Mommy and Me

  • 15anos

  • Sweet 16

  • Engagements

  • Holiday

  • Maternity

  • Projects

  • etc..


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