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SOOO there is a few changes about our business going on.

First we will officially be open in our office by march 1st if not sooner !

which means we can finally meet up and do all we need to get done at a nice quiet comfortable place :)

No more grinding noise or people over talking us ! We will also be able to do private in studio portraits as well. (appointment only)

Second we at the moment will not be taking on anymore Silver or Gold packages, Due to our lack of people working the field :( But don't worry for those who already have this contracted, I'm a photographer I got you covered you will have that assistant there I promise :) We still will be able to do the photo booth add on still.

Third we also have new upgrades for the photo booth system, there mirror mode and social media !

Fourth we also will be doing a lot more this year with charities and getting community involved :)

and Fifth we want to thank all of you for a wonderful year.

If you have any questions or concerns please call or text me .

Have a safe and warm night.

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